Te Kuiti RSA – Welfare Services

Te Kuiti RSA provides welfare services for servicemen and women and ex-servicemen and women so they can continue to live with respect and dignity.

Welfare can be provided to assist with the following services:

  • Transport to hospital and medical appointments
  • Assistance with medical and bereavement arrangements
  • Assistance with optical and hearing devices

Help is available for:

  • Service and ex-servicemen and women
  • Wives, husbands or partners of service and ex-servicemen and women
  • Widows and widowers of service and ex-servicemen and women
  • Dependent family members of service and ex-servicemen and women
Contact our Welfare Officer if you are in any doubt about qualifying for welfare assistance.

Te Kuiti Welfare Officers: Shirley Pierce 07 878 6538 or Trish McLean 07 8787342
A special thank you to PC Soft Limited – Jeremy & The Team , they recently donated a laptop computer & case and 12 months of software to a Defence family who lost everything in a recent fire. The computer was part of a welfare package the RSA gave to the family and was for use by the children for school.